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Welcome To Supers-R Us. We offer solo ads targeted at work at home moms and dads, home based business owners and anyone that is looking to make money online.

Your solo ad will go out to the websites below with 41071 members:

I Earn Ads Free
1154 Members
Adz Quik
4661 Members
Explosive Ads
818 Members
860 Members
Trucker Traffic
1465 Members
I Earn Free Ads Adz Quik Explosive Ads CashingIn Trucker Traffic
Text Ads R Us
1891 Members
Solo Effects
1343 Members
Solo Wave
1431 Members
Lucky 7s
502 Members
Kiss My Adz
358 Members
Text Ads R Us Solo Effects Solo Wave Lucky 7s Kiss My Adz
iTraffic Free Ads
620 Members
Earn Your Upgrade
6609 Members
Simple Ad Profitz
8171 Members
Gotta Have Ads
3083 Members
Prodigious List
3369 Members
iTraffic Free Ads Earn Your Upgrade Simple Ad Profitz Gotta Have Ads Prodigious List
The Traffic Goldrush
1411 Members
Traffic Vault
1458 Members
Instant List Generator
1209 Members
Profit List Generator
658 Members
iTraffic Free Ads Earn Your Upgrade Simple Ad Profitz Gotta Have Ads

That's 41071 Active, Email Verified Members! (Updated Hourly)

All SUPER Solo Ads are mailed from our server and all members are email verified so
NO worries about Spam complaints OR Bounced Emails!

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